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Welcome to Chunky Wood Shop!

At Chunky Wood Shop, we unearth the hidden beauty within nature's fallen giants, transforming them into captivating focal points that bring people together. Our mission is to honor the legacy of each tree, ensuring their sustainable contribution for generations to come. With every product, we plant a seed of promise, nurturing the future forests we cherish. Join us in celebrating the wonder of wood, where transparency, trust, and a touch of humor guide our journey towards a more connected world.

Have a specific piece of wood you are looking for? A root ball or burl? We aim to stock unique pieces so we can provide consistent flow of quality wood for your projects. 

If you're looking to skip the work and just want a beautiful unique piece of furniture, check out our specialty pieces in the shop or contact us to have a custom piece by request.

Do not hesitate to reach out through our contact page!

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